Sanjeev has successfully motivated and inspired individuals, groups, and organizations to push their boundaries, and explore their true potential. From working at IFS R&D Ltd.., as Consulting Services Director for South Asia; to heading the Services Division of Microsoft in Sri Lanka; to working in senior management positions at Unilever and MIT, Sanjeev has always inspired his colleagues and team to go the extra mile and really explore unchartered territory.

 Sanjeev has touched the lives of over 10,000 individuals in Sri Lanka and around the world, inspiring them to achieve extra-ordinary feats that they never thought was possible. He has been able to motivate both children and adults, to achieve their divine potential.

 Through his ‘Ignite’ program Sanjeev has helped people find their true selves and inspired them to actively chase after and realize their dreams. Individuals who have participated in the long term Ignite program have gone on to over achieve their sales targets, and enroll for and complete examinations crucial to their career progression, which they had otherwise postponed. They have made significant changes in their behavior resulting in a sense of self achievement and self-fulfillment, which has given them an immense amount of satisfaction and strength of mind to continue this never ending journey of learning and continuous self-development.

 Through his Speed Reading programs, Sanjeev has coached people to push their boundaries, enabling some who kept failing exams because of the time taken to read the questions, to finally pass; others to excel in their studies as they can now read so much faster, with increased focus and also understand and retain more. On average his students have ended up reading over 8 times faster than they started, understanding and retaining over 60% more.

Sanjeev has conducted programs in Brunei, Malaysia, the Maldive Islands and Sri Lanka; has lead his choirs to success in Austria, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia; and has performed as a member and choral director of ‘The Revelations’ in Austria, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. He has also been on the international jury at competitions held in Singapore.

Further Sanjeev has led ‘The Revelations’ (www.revelations.lk) to becoming World Champions twice over (Austria, 2008) competing with 20,000 choirs from 23 countries and to becoming Asian Champions in 2007 (Indonesia, 2007); The Revelations to be ranked #4 in the World among male choirs in 2010 (www.interkultur.com); lead the Methodist College Choir to win Sri Lanka’s first Platinum Medal in international competition (China, 2012), together with other prestigious awards including being the first school choir to win a category in International Competitions (Vietnam, 2011); The Visakha Vidyalaya Senior Choir to win the first Gold Diploma by a Government School in international competition (Malaysia, 2010) and also the Revelations Academy to win  a Gold Diploma (Vietnam, 2015) and two Silver Medals (Indonesia, 2010).

 Without a doubt, Sanjeev, through his leadership, and motivation has brought back the most number of international awards for choral music to Sri Lanka, and this was by working with different groups of people, from different backgrounds, and indeed different ages. Most of these achievements are a first for Sri Lanka and South Asia.


Sanjeev is a lecturer at the Moratuwa University and the Postgraduate Institute of Management (Sri Jayawardenapura University) in Sri Lanka.


Sanjeev, has an MBA from the Post Graduate Institute of Management, University of Sri Jayewardenapura; is a Chartered Information Technology Professional (CITP) and Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS); a Chartered Engineer (CEng) from the engineering council, UK; a First Class Honors degree (Gold Medalist) from the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK; and also a post graduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.